Why this bike ?

This Honda 750 CB is my first motorbike. I bought it in January, 2015.

I had never planned buying a japanese motorbike. Harley-Davidson was the one and only trademark, since I was a teenager. But as I was passing my motorbike driving license, some pals told me to think it over : “You’re still a greenhorn when it comes to driving, right ? So, for your own sake (and your wife and children), learn on a cool, cheap bike, that actually brakes and sticks to the road.”

They scored a point. So I bought this quite cheap, very reliable, mid-powerful bike, with breaks and suspensions good enough to feel secure.

Then I went to Switzerland with it, and apart from its lack of torque at low RPM, I love it. It’s a cool, day-to-day, light, agile, and discreet bike. What’s more, it has low value, hence low probability of being stolen. I might also add that this low value allows me to say to my loving wife “It’s not worth selling it, honey.”

Last but not least, I plan to have a deep look into the motor and its surroundings, to learn maintenance.

I bet than in ten or fifteen years, it will be a very trendy / vintage bike.



  • CB 750 F2 de 2003
  • JH2RC42 A01M702302


  • contenance : 20 litres incluant 3 litres la réserve
  • autonomie : 315 km (hors réserve)
  • consommation moyenne : 5,4 litres au 100 km

Huile moteur

  • contenance du réservoir : 2,8 litres mais prévoir 3 litres avec le filtre à huile
  • le niveau se lit moto sur la béquille centrale, bouchon non vissé
  • fréquence : tous les 6 000 km
  • type d’huile : 10W40 100% synthèse pour moto


  • NGK DPR8EA-9 | type : standard | indice thermique : 8 | culot : long | écart. élect 0,9mm | clé de 18


Pompe principale assurant le graissage du bloc moteur, pompe secondaire assurant la lubrification des arbres et de la boîte.


  • poids à sec : 215 kg
  • angle de chasse : 26°
  • longueur : 2 150 mm
  • empattement : 1 495 mm