I am the guy with the map, the camera and the jumper

My friends call me “Jean-Sam”.

One wife, two kids. I am French but on the bright side of the Force.

Two things I like most about motorcycles : travelling and meeting people. On a bike, around a bike, we “feel” things.

During the last ten years or so, I developed some knowledge in web, photo, video, search engine optimization, content writing and publishing. I am not an “expert”. I am a curious guy who has learnt by himself and eventually got familiar with some technologies. Hence this blog, completely “hand-made”.

I then decided to work in the field of Information Systems, hence my current job with SAP.

I like the idea to stay fit so I regularly run, swim and ride a bikecycle. I walk too, often with binoculars #widlife.

I like pleasures given by a healthy and loving life.