Why this bike ?

This Ducati ST4 (1998) replaces my Honda 750 CB.

I bought if for less that 2,500 euros and it brings me a lot of sensations.

Let’s talk about the look first : well, I think this not the nicest Ducati ever produced, by far, especially the front which looks half japanese half german : it’s a total mess in term of design.

Besides that, this bike is great :

  • nice looking from the side and behind
  • nice sound, not too loud
  • great engine (the 916 engine) with enough power
  • awesome frame, very very stable
  • very comfortable : I can ride all day without any pain (butt, arms…)
  • reliable enough for me

The ST4 is definitely a GT : it is comfy, powerful, very safe when it comes to turns and brakes very well. A great bike I like very much. Besides nobody’s interested in such a bike so you can leave it outside at night, she’s safe.