Trip | The Morvan

published 14/03/2016 | last modified 04/04/2016


The Morvan ranks amongst the places to see in Burgundy. It is a mix of countryside, mountains, forests, lakes and history. Indeed, the “Eduens” used to be a very powerful Gallic tribe and their capital city Bibracte was located there, at the very top of Mount Beuvray.

Today, as far as I can see, Morvan is quite a remote area with traditionnal activities such as wood and… well, tourism. Still, it is perfect place to ride (though a bit too small), should you not miss a road or two that follows in this article.

Say you want to go to Morvan, starting from Mâcon :

  • Mâcon -> Autun (city gate to Morvan) : 1h45
  • Autun -> Autun : get a coffee, fill up your tank ! especially on sundays
  • Autun -> Mont Beuvray -> Château-Chinon (you may stop at Mont Beuvray but the visit takes time so it’s up to you)
  • Château-Chinon -> Lac des Settons
  • Lac des Settons -> Lac des Settons : have lunch or picnic there
  • Lac des Settons -> Autun via another road
  • Autun -> Couches -> Ecuisses via the Canal -> Mâcon